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Blade Lifter for Wind Turbine Transportation - Shiyun Vehicle


1. Blade lifter for wind turbine transportation

2. How to choose right wind turbine blade lifter trailer?

3. How are wind turbine blades transported?

4. Wind blade lifter trailer design


1. Blade lifter for wind turbine transportation

In the wind power industry, Shiyun vehicle mainly have wind power nacelle, wind turbine blades, wind tower section, etc. to complete industrial chain. Shiyun vehicle provide all types transportation solutions for the wide power industry use. This model is blade lifter for wind turbine transportation.

When the extendable blade transport vehicle cannot reach the designated location due to the influence of road traffic conditions, it is necessary to use the wind turbine blade special secondary transfer blade lifter for sale. This model uses 3 line 6 axle lowbed or moudlar trailer as the bottom recessed cargo platform.

The special wind blade lifter trailer can lift the blades through hydraulic control and rotate itself 360 degrees during driving, avoiding various obstacles during transportation (mountain slopes, trees, houses, bridges, tunnels, etc.), which greatly improves the passability of the blades in complex road sections and mountain wind fields. In the case of high wind, the blades can rotate 360 degrees to avoid the wind, and participate in the balance through the counterweight to ensure transportation safety.


Different types of blade lifter for wind turbine transportation drawings:

windmill blade adapter drawing73 Meters Blade Lifter Mounted on 3 Line 6 Axle Lowbed


Wind Blade Adapter with Modular Trailer for 80m Wind Turbine BladeRotor Blade Adapter Trailer for 80m Wind Turbine Blade Transport


56m-80m Windmill Carrier | Super Wing Carrier for Sale56m-80m Windmill Carrier | Super Wing Carrier for Sale


Super Wing CarrierWindmill Blade Lifter with 10 Axle Modular Trailer


2. How to choose right wind turbine blade lifter trailer?

In this design structure, the turbine blade is fixed on the adapter. What makes this blade lifter trailer special is that the adaptor is customized for the blade. Although usually made from the best materials with sufficient yield strength, their custom design for taking blades may not make it a fit choice for other types of loads.

That means hauling wind turbine blades will unlikely be used for another function. It is the kind of blade lifters wind blade trailer you need if all you want to do is transport wind turbine blades only.

Wind blade lifter trailers advantage:

These types of blade lifter trailers are used to transport turbine blades on mountain roads and curved roads as well. Because of the fact that extendable trailers too long, when it comes to a mountain road, it is hard to steer hence the need for the special blade trailer.

The wind turbine blade trailers design is made in such a way that the blade adaptor can lift up and down making it easier for the blade carrier trailer to steer easily.

The blade rotates flexibly, and the transformation cost is small. The blade sweeping area of the special blade lifters wind blade adapter trailer blade lifting and transportation method is larger than that of an ordinary extendable trailer for sale. The blade sweeping area is large, and the area involved in the renovation project in the curve is reduced by about 10 times.

Blades can be transported by lifting, which can better avoid high mountains and cliffs, or house buildings, so about achieve rapid blade transportation. At the same time, this method can also reduce the cost of road reconstruction and house demolition, which can help improve blade transportation efficiency and engineering benefits.


Blade lifter feedback from our customer

Blade lifter feedback from our customer


Disadvantages of wind blade adapter trailer:

High transportation costs. The transportation cost of using special windmill blade lifter trailer for sale is higher than that of ordinary flatbeds. For a wind farm with an installed capacity of 50MW, if it is transported by special windmill blade trailer for sale, the transportation cost will increase by about 3.5 million yuan.

There is a lot of work to clear the height limit. After the blade is lifted, the height is high, and the net height along the line is increased. Compared with ordinary flatbed transportation, it will increase the removal of height-limiting objects (such as cross-road cables, pipes, branches, etc.).

Need to increase weight. Since the blade’s center of gravity increases after the blade is lifted, blade trailer for sale is not conducive to stable transportation. It is necessary to place a weight on the front of the vehicle and avoid windy weather transportation.


3. How are wind turbine blades transported?

Modern day wind farms are becoming major contributors to the world power supply, serving as proof of the interest and commitment to using alternative energy. But these farms couldn’t be built without the equipment used to transport the turbine components from the manufacturer to the construction site. In the past, trailers used to mobilize the equipment on site lacked the safety, easy-of-use and the hauling capacity required of today’s offerings.

Blade lifter trailer is among the most innovative and advanced trailers in China. The blade lifter wind blade trailer is a leading edge, innovative wind turbine blade transport trailer to satisfy all your wind energy transportation needs. With fewer mechanical connections from the fifth wheel to the steered axle, you can save on height, weight, and maintenance. With its customized steering functionality, you can drive forward and backward. Its automatic centering device, when active above a certain speed, offers you the stability of a fixed axle.

These type of wind blade trailers are used to transport turbine blades on mountain roads and curved roads as well. Because of the fact that extendable trailers are too long, when it comes to a mountain road, it is hard to steer hence the need for the special blade trailer. The design is made in such a way that the blade adaptor can lift up and down making it easier for the trailer to steer easily.

This  ASM technology is a fully dedicated microprocessor-controlled, electronic over hydraulic steering system which uses a software program to actuate axle turns. Because blade lifter for wind turbine transportation can effortlessly and continuously drive around tight corners, it is ideal for transporting long and cumbersome windmill blades. As it turns, the truck sends a signal through the kingpin sensor, specifying the radius needed by the rear axles to curve around the corner – which allows for a tighter radius than traditionally made blade trailers. The wind blade trailer steering – independent of speed — gives you the optimal steering angle, in all types of circumstances. You can check the alarms and calibration through a display, via its PC application.


76 Meters Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter Trailer Testing

76 meters wind turbine blade lifter trailer testing in factory


4. Wind blade lifter trailer design

1. On the fixed base of the blades, the low center of gravity ensures safety

The rearward setting makes the length of this wind blade lifter adaptor shorter, which is conducive to driving in mountainous areas; the operation by dedicated personnel is helpful to improve safety.

Unlike conventional windmill blade adapter, the length of this wind blade adapter trailer is very short, which is also to satisfy that the vehicle can run normally on mountain roads. You can think of it as a crane, with its walking part on the bottom and a turret on the top. The wind blades are like the boom of this crane.

The wind blades to be transported are fixed on the vehicle by bolts, and the wind blades and the base are firmly integrated. During the transportation process, the wind blades can move up and down, left and right, without danger. The up and down displacement of the base is realized by the oil cylinders arranged on both sides, which can achieve a lifting range of 0-60 degrees. In order to ensure that the center of gravity of the wind blade is unstable when it is displaced, the back of the base can prevent the counterweight to achieve for the balance of the entire vehicle, the counterweight can be flexibly added according to the weight of the wind blade. The trailer is equipped with 275/70R22.5 size tires, the purpose is to reduce the height of the entire vehicle, not only more convenient when loading and unloading, the lower height also ensures the stability of the vehicle during operation.


4 line 8 axle wind blade adapter trailer details

4 line 8 axle wind turbine blade adapter trailer details


2. Inspired by cranes, air conditioning improves comfort

The turret is fixed on the wind blade adapter trailer, and the hydraulic motor drives the gear fixed under the turret to realize the rotation of the entire base. The turret can theoretically realize a 360-degree rotation.

If the wind blade is so long, the force generated by the frontal wind is very terrifying, and if it is held high, it is very likely to overturn the wind blade adapter transport vehicle. To solve this problem, the base can rotate along the axis of the blade under the premise of satisfying the lifting requirement, so that the windward side of the blade is always on the side with the smallest area.


3. A diesel engine is mounted on the wind blade lifter adaptor trailer, and the hydraulic pump directly connected with the rotating shaft provides the power source for the upper part.

The square welded oil tank is used to store hydraulic oil and can provide all heat dissipation capabilities, so there is no radiator installed. The upper part comes with a battery and a fuel tank, and the arrangement of the pipeline is dazzling. It would be better if it can be straightened out. The hydraulic motor that realizes the rotation of the turret and the fuel tank that provides grain for the diesel engine. The entire upper part is operated by a dedicated person, and the operating principle is basically similar to that of a crane. In order to improve the comfort of the operator, an air conditioner is installed in the operating room.


wind blade lifter adaptor details

Shiyun rotor wind blade lifter without trailer details